Investment Approach

Investment Values


We actively lead

Agro Fund One typically invests in control positions in order to impact financial and operational results. Our strategy is operationally-driven, with a focus on adding value and substantially improving businesses.


We support disruption and innovation

We are committed to addressing real, imminent challenges in the global food and agribusiness sector by championing companies that deliver innovative and meaningful solutions that support the following:


We are an add-value partner

Our investment and operating professionals work closely with management teams to drive operational results, increase growth, and strengthen overall performance of each and every one of our portfolio companies.


Deep-dive due diligence in each of our investment evaluations

By combining our collaborative research-intensive framework with our sector expertise and exclusive international industry relationships, we have been able to identify a number of unique opportunities and unlock attractive growth prospects while maintaining valuation discipline.


We are focused

Agro Fund One focuses exclusively on the sustainable food supply chain in North, Central and South America. Our professionals are culturally diverse and have passion and unique experience in food and agribusiness, with a demonstrated track record necessary to invest competitively and successfully in the space.


Build relationships

Through our investments we seek to develop trusted, long-term relationships that allow the development and achievement of longstanding production and sustainability goals.

Investment Process

We have a straightforward 8-week process approach that requires minimal time from all parties involved and guarantees a transparent and efficient process.

Step 1: Understand

Issue a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) : Explore ownership, vision, goals, opportunities, and preliminary terms. Discuss customers, products, finance, marketing, sales, value proposition and growth trajectories.

Step 2: In-depth due diligence

Review finance model, legal, operations, executive team, information and technology.

Step 3: Indication of Interest (IoI)

Review and negotiate Purchase or Operating Agreement term sheet. In some situations we elaborate our own investor model in collaboration with our prospect partner.

Step 4: Complete the transaction and begin the management onboarding process

Establish agreed governance model and start the work. We strive to allowing existing management teams to be fully responsible for day-to-day operations as long as they are meeting the projected financial performance targets and business plan timelines as jointly determined.