About Agro Fund One

As an US based investment fund focused on agriculture, Agro Fund One strives to encourage environmental health, economic growth, and socioeconomic equity. We collaborate with local governments, institutions, and private enterprises to develop land and establish joint ventures in the food sector. We intend to accelerate and support the transition to a more sustainable, healthy, and fair agricultural market.

In Brazil and the United States our fund counts on experienced advisors that have built successful business ventures in both countries as well as a staff of highly skilled individuals that understand conventional farming methods and have the expertise to apply and spread stakeholder capitalism principles. In addition, Agro Fund One continually fosters relationships with local farmers and stakeholders to build off local knowledge, culturally sensitive technology use, and sound market analysis.

  • Investments into agriculture projects that promote soil health and increase biodiversity
  • Turnaround investments into distressed operations

Our Team

Guilherme Moreira

Guilherme Moreira Guilherme Moreira

Managing Partner


Guilherme is a Brazilian Environmental Engineer passionate about sustainable development. He is committed to ensure the sustainability impact of our international investments so that they genuinely benefit local communities while ensuring profitability for investors.

Mark M. Erjavec

Mark M. Erjavec Mark M. Erjavec

Fund Manager


With the support of a market-leading research team and hands-on management of direct investments, Mark travels the world exploring new opportunities and working to develop quality relationships on behalf of the Agro Fund One and for our stakeholders.

Maria Dyatchyna

Maria Dyatchyna Maria Dyatchyna

International Project Analyst


Having an innovative approach and background in IT & business development Maria is a believer in Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Robotics. She is bringing her experience and expertise with the aim to find new European technologies and solutions with the potential for application in Latin America and the US to support Sustainable and Precision agriculture.

Dionas Silva

Dionas Silva Dionas Silva

South American Project Analyst


Dionas is an Agronomist from Brazil. He has experience in agricultural development focussed on continuous improvement and innovation. Dionas’ mission is to raise the level of food production in underdeveloped countries in a sustainable and regenerative way.

Matthew Lessard

Matthew Lessard Matthew Lessard

Strategic Advisor

Based in Minnesota, Matthew is an executive leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of business management, financial oversight and analysis, business development, private equity, and international business experience in various countries including the US, Brazil, Mexico, and Europe.

Matheus Picinin

Matheus Picinin Matheus Picinin

Marketing Coordinator


Matheus is a Brazilian Digital Marketer based in Ireland. Matheus’ main role is to build a social media presence for Agro Fund One. In addition he creates visual concepts (pictures and videos) to communicate ideas and concepts related to Agro Fund's investment strategy.